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PayMe is here to Simplify your obligations back home and connect you with your loved ones around the world.

Bill Payments

Say goodbye to financial stress! Pay your family's bills back home instantly and with ease using PayMe. Utilities, telecom, education, real estate installments, consumer finance and more - we've got you covered!

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Connect with your loved ones: Celebrate Special Moments with PayMe Gift Cards!
Explore the joy of sending gift cards and discount vouchers to your loved ones, ensuring you're always there to celebrate their special moments, regardless of the miles that separate you. With PayMe, love knows no bounds, and distance is just a number when it comes to expressing your care and affection.

Prepaid Cards

Our Virtual cards provide you with a 16-digit card number, CVV, and expiry date. They save space in your wallet, protect your bank or credit card details, and give you control over your spending.
It's like having a budgeting buddy right in your pocket!

With PayMe, you're not just paying obligations and bills;

you're giving love and care to your families, and you're doing it with unmatched speed and ease.


Manage your obligations from anywhere on the planet!

How It Works

Explore our straightforward and user-friendly process that ensures your payments are made instantlyand securely.